• Hydraulic hose pipe 100R5 High Temperature DOT Hose

    Hydraulic hose pipe 100R5 High Temperature DOT Hose

    We produce the high temperature series hydraulic hose pipe SAE J517 100R5, the working temperature can be 155 ℃, This kind of high temperature steel wire braided hydraulic hose was suitable for impacted medium pressure hydraulic petroleum based oils, lubricating oils, overheating lubricating oil ...
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  • Hydraulic fitting DKL/DKOL/DKOS/DKM/DKF W

    Hydraulic fitting DKL/DKOL/DKOS/DKM/DKF W

    Fittings for pressure washers DKF W   DKF-W hydraulic fittings are designed to connect a high pressure hose to a washing gun, generally, this type of fitting is purchased by car washes, cleaning companies for use on high pressure washers. DKF-W fittings are used for pressure testing of high press...
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    Quick Introduce About the Hydraulic Fittins  American Standard Hydraulic Fittings National Pipe Tapered Fuel (NPTF) — NPT male 60° cone seal Hydraulic fittings — Winner Part Number 15611 National Pipe straight mechanical (NSPM) — NPSM female 60° cone seal Hydraulic fittings ...
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  • non conductive hydraulic hose

    non conductive hydraulic hose

    All Purpose non conductive hydraulic hose SAE100 R7 (Non-Conductive) Tube: ThermoplasticReinforcement: One high tensile synthetic yarn braided.Cover: High flexibility nylon or thermoplastic, MSHA accepted.Temperature: -40℃ to +93 ℃ SAE100 R7 thermoplastic hydraulic hose is suitable for delivering...
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  • COVID19 Impact on Braided Hose Market 2022 Industry Insights and Growth Strategies of Business Players

    The Global Braided Hose Market research report provides vital information relevant to the industry valuation.The performance analysis presented in the report helps global vendors to properly understand the nature of the market dynamics.The report includes the study of Braided Hose market growth s...
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  • Auto parts mold maintenance knowledge

    Auto parts mold maintenance knowledge

    The quality of auto parts mold maintenance not only affects the life of the mold, but also has a significant impact on the production plan, and even affects the final manufacturing cost. The maintenance personnel who are responsible for the daily maintenance of auto parts molds must work careful...
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  • Hydraulic hose assemlies service life

    The service life of a hydraulic hose assembly depends on its conditions of use.   The hose assembly in use should be regularly inspected for leaks, kinks, blistering, abrasion, abrasion or other damage to the outer layer. Once the assembly is found to be damaged or worn, it must be replaced ...
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  • SINOPULSE advanced production line updating

    20 years production expeirence makes us better. for the new year 2022, we have more confidence to satified our customers for the hydraulic hoses, rubber hoses and fittings. In past two years, we improve our technology and production machines, enlarging our production with higher efficience. We ch...
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  • hydraulic hose

    1. Structure of hydraulic hose It is mainly composed of liquid resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, multi-layer reinforcement layer and weather resistant synthetic rubber outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer can make the conveying medium bear pressure and prot...
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  • 2021 rubber hose market size, market share, future demand industry analysis, major players, opportunities, revenue and growth rate to 2026

    The global “rubber hose market” (2021-2026) studies the impact of different factors that affect market development and driving factors, and further reveals the market overview, major manufacturers, the key received by them, scale, recent models and types , Income, net margin and provi...
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  • HS code for China’s steel export tax rebate from May 2021

    The Tariff Commission of the State Council of China broke the three-month suspense and finally announced the cancellation of the export tax rebate for many steel products exported from May 1, 2021, and currently enjoy a 13% tax rebate. The first four digits of the HS code of the affected 146 stee...
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  • VirturalExpo,129th Online Canton Fair

    Sinopulse will attend 129th Online Canton Fair. The 129th China Import and Export Fair will be held online from  15th April to 24th April. Under the current situation, continuing to hold the Canton Fair on the Internet is conducive to consolidating the achievements of epidemic prevention and cont...
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  • EXPOMIN 2020 SANTIAGO CHILE will be held at 09-13, NOV 2020

    EXPOMIN 2020 SANTIAGO CHILE will be held at 09-13, NOV 2020

    Latin America's largest mining fair is well established as a space that promotes the exchange of knowledge, experience and especially the technology offers that contribute to the innovation and increase in productivity of the mining processes, all of which makes this exh...
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  • The Exhibition EIMA 2020 Italy

    The Exhibition EIMA 2020 Italy

    The Covid-19 emergency has defined a new economic and social geography with global restrictions. The international trade show calendar has been completely revised and many events have been cancelled or postponed. EIMA International also had to revise its schedule by movi...
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  • The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online in 15th of June

    The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online in 15th of June

    The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online in 15th of June, Our company will participate in this Live broadcast on line, all the stuff are ready, hoping to meet you. “In response to the severe situation of the global epidemic, it was decided that the 127th Canton Fair w...
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