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To Produce the hydraulic hose, first step to making the rubber sheet and then put them into the extruding machines cover with PP materials soft mandrill, this is the inner rubber, it is high tensile oil resistant NBR rubber.

The mandrill is very important, because it will influence the measure of hose inside diameter. So we need to control the mandrill tolerance between 0.2mm to 0.4mm. If the mandrill outside diameter get 0.5mm bigger than standard request, we will abandon it. On the other side, we will drying it and leave the mandrill unused at least 24 hours.

Second step is to prepare steel wire, we used the high speed joint machines, this kind of machine can make the steel wire group very flat, uncrossing and less length difference.

Thirdly, After finish the steel wire treatment, we need to do the steel wire braiding and spiraling on the inner rubber. But before, there are cooler bins which can keep the temperature of -25 ℃ to -35 ℃ to make the inner rubber avoid deformation . And then to extruding the outer rubber again; this time, the rubber must be high tensile and abrasion resistant SBR/NR Rubber. Meanwhile, the special OEM brand print will put on the cover of the hoses.

When we making 2SN hoses, and 4SP, 4SH hoses, we need to add the middle rubber between the steel wire, to make it adhesive tight and strong. This is the important step to make sure the high working pressure of the hoses, so we pay more attention on the materials of the rubber.

The forth, to wrap the cloth tap on the cover of the hoses and then to do the vulcanization, the vulcanized temperature need to be 151 ℃, working pressure is 4 Bar, and 90 minutes. After this step, the rubber have qualitative change.

At last, After all of these works, the hoses are finally finished now, what we need to do is to testing the working pressure, if the hose no leaking and pass the proof testing, they can go ahead to packing.

For the fitting production line, they are all follow the Eaton Standard, we used solid carbon steel #45 to make crimping fittings, and carbon steel #20 to make ferrules.

The first to cut the materials into different length. The materials need to do the hot forging, it can enhance the tenacity of the materials, so the fitting will not rupture during assembly with hoses.

The second is to drilling holes for fittings, we used the semi-automatic drilling machines to save cost.

There are 50 sets CNC Machines, and 10 sets Automatic Machines to lathe thread, During the processing, our workers need to test the thread by the go-no-go gauge.

The third, is to make cleaning and zinc plating, there are three alternative colors: silver white, blue white, and yellow. We will randomly select the samples to do the salt spray test to control the fitting working life.

At last to crimping the nut, testing the working pressure and packing.

Our factory has a strict production system and quality monitoring system. Each process has a responsibility card and needs to be signed by the responsible worker. If there are quality problems, the responsible person need to bears the corresponding responsibilities. In addition, there is a quality control manager who supervise each step during production.

Quality is our life, quality makes Sinopulse difference, quality is our trump card, Sinopulse is your best choice.

Be Confidence

“Sinopulse can communicate with us very fast, they know our needing and they can attend our needing, We are very appreciate that and for all they have done for us” said by Mr. Evenor Argullo.

We buy the hoses and fittings from Sinopulse 10 years, never has any quality problem, and they can arrange all the documents which request by our government.they makes me to believe the products made in china, and i love Sinopulse, I love China. Said by Sandro Vargas.

We are so appreciated the trust by our customers, the quality give us confidence. So it is so important to always concern the quality.

Before production, We need to do lots of tests.
The first, we need to test the rubber and steel wire strength, all the rubber need to reach at least 12Mpa and the steel wire strength must be 2450 Newton and 2750 Newton.

Second to test the rubber shore hardness, the rubber must be SHORE A82-85.

Third to simulate the vulcanization, to watch the scorch time of inner rubber, middle rubber, outer rubber, this is the most import data to control the rubber mixing.

Forth, to test the rubber aging to delay rubber aging and extend rubber life

Fifth, we use the Flat vulcanizing machine to test the adhesive between rubber and steel wire, this is very important to control the working pressure of the hoses, so we always pay more attention to make this test to make sure that we use the best quality materials.

After production, the first, we need to do the working pressure testing for every hoses after vulcanization, if there are one hose do not pass the test, we will not send this hose to our customer.

Besides, we will cut the hose from front and side to inspect the adhesive of rubber and steel wire.

Second, what we need to do is to test the breaking pressure of every order. We need to use this hose at least one meter, assembled with fitting and plug, install it on the bursting testing equipment, and give it pressure until the hose breaking, and record the breaking pressure to contrast with DIN EN standard.

Last, we need to do the impulse testing to control the hoses working life. We need to cut 6 piece hoses at least one meter, assembled with fittings, install on the impulse testing equipment, input the hydraulic oil, and simulate the working pressure and working temperature of the machines, now we can survey how many times the hose will breaking. This testing always spend half month do not stop.

According our testing, 1SN hose can reach 150,000 times, 2SN hose can reach 200,000 times, and 4SP/4SH can reach 400,000 times.

Because of the best materials we use, so we have confidence
Because of the advanced machines we use, so we have confidence
Because of the professional workers we have, so we have confidence
Because of the most reliable products and perfect service we have, so our customers satisfied with Sinopulse.

We will keep it and make it better and better.