Quick Introduce About the Hydraulic Fittins 2018_0131_15491000

American Standard Hydraulic Fittings

  1. National Pipe Tapered Fuel (NPTF) — NPT male 60° cone seal Hydraulic fittings — Winner Part Number 15611
  2. National Pipe straight mechanical (NSPM) — NPSM female 60° cone seal Hydraulic fittings — Winner part number 21611 /21641/21691 
  3. JIC 37° Flare (SAE J514) –Male and Female  JIC 74° Cone Seal Hydraulic Fittings– winner part number 16711/ 26711/26741/26791 
  4. SAE 45° Flare (SAE J512) — Male and Female SAE 90° Cone Seal hydraulic fittings- winner part number 17811/27811/27841/27891 
  5. SAE Straight Thread O-ring (O-Ring Boss) –Male SAE O-ring Boss hydraulic fittings -winner part number is 16011 
  6. ORFS Flat Seal — Male and Female ORFS Flat Seal hydraulic fittings – Winner part number is  14211/24211/24241/24291 

International Connections
British Standard Pipe 

  1. British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) — winner part number is 12211 BSP Male O-ring Seal 
  2. British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT)) — winner part number is 13011 BSPT Male 
  3. Flat Face Port with British Standard Pipe Parallel Threads (ISO 1179-1) Winner part number is 22211/22241/22291 
  4. British Standard Multiseal — Winner part number is 22111/22141/22191 
  5. British standard 60° cone seal –  winner part number is 12611/ 22611/22641/22691


Metric  Standard Pipe

  1. Metric Flat seal – winner part number is 10311/20211/20241/20291
  2. Metric Multiseal  – winner part number is 20111/20141/20191
  3. Metric 60° cone seal –winner part number is 10611/20611/20641/20691
  4. Metric 74° cone seal –winner part number is 10711/20711/20741/20791 
  5. Metric 24° Cone seal with O-ring  light and heavy — winner part number is 10411/20411/20441/20491/ 10511/20511/20541/20591 




NPTF National Pipe Tapered Fuel
NPSM National Pipe Straight Mechanical
ISO International Standards Organization
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
JIC Joint Industrial Council
NFPA National Fluid Power Association
BSP British Standard Pipe
DIN Deutsche Industrial Norme
JIS Japanese Industrial Standard
BSPT British Standard Pipe Tapered
BSPP British Standard Pipe Parallel

Post time: Jul-27-2022