camlock coupling aluminum

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Camlock coupling aluminum factory told Aluminum cam lock fittings allow for quick and secure hose connections. The camlock couplings mate by inserting the grooved coupling into the cam coupling and simply closing the cam or lever arms.

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● Standard : Made as standard of A-A-59326(Superseding MIL-C-27487) or DIN 2828

● Casting Method : Die Casting or Gravity Casting

● Size : 1/2″-8″

●  Body Material: Aluminum

●  Cam Arm Material: 1-Aluminum Alloy

2-Stainless Steel


●  Assembly: Body + Gaskets + Handles + Pins + Pull Rings + Safety Clips

●  Gasket Material:

NBR:(Temp Range°C -30°C~+100°C)
EPDM:(Temp Range°C -50°C~+150°C)
VITON:(Temp Range°C -20°C~+200°C)
PTFE envelop gasker:(Temp Range°C -190°C~+260°C)
Silicone :( Temp Range°C -60°C~+200°C)
Other materials are available on request.



BSP( We usually producethe female thread parallel BSPP,male thread tapered BSPT)

Competitive Advantages of the product

A: Precision investment coupling

B: CNC precisely machined

C: Easy to connect and disconnect

D:Used in petrochemical & chemical industries, Fertilizers, steel plants, atomic energy, power plants ect.

A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP(A, B, D, F with thread, B, C, D, DC with handles)

Type “A”, has a male grooved adapter and a female pipe thread (BSP or NPT thread)of the same size.

Type “B”, has a female camlock end and a male pipe thread of the same size.

Type “C”, has a female camlock on one end and a male hose tail on the other.

Type “D”, has a female camlock end and a female pipe thread of the same size.

Type “E”, has a male camlock on one end and a male hose tail on the other.

Type “F”, has a male grooved adaptor and a male pipe thread of the same size.

Working Pressure                
Size(Inch) 1/2″ 3/4″-2″ 2-1/2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″(4 handles)
Working pressure (PSI) 150PSI 250PSI 150PSI 125PSI 100PSI 75PSI 150PSI


1/2″ SNP-050A-AL SNP-050B-AL SNP-050C-AL SNP-050D-AL SNP-050E-AL SNP-050F-AL SNP-050DC-AL SNP-050DP-AL
3/4″ SNP-075A-AL SNP-075B-AL SNP-075C-AL SNP-075D-AL SNP-075E-AL SNP-075F-AL SNP-075DC-AL SNP-075DP-AL
1″ SNP-100A-AL SNP-100B-AL SNP-100C-AL SNP-100D-AL SNP-100E-AL SNP-100F-AL SNP-100DC-AL SNP-100DP-AL
1-1/4″ SNP-125A-AL SNP-125B-AL SNP-125C-AL SNP-125D-AL SNP-125E-AL SNP-125F-AL SNP-125DC-AL SNP-125DP-AL
1-1/2″ SNP-150A-AL SNP-150B-AL SNP-150C-AL SNP-150D-AL SNP-150E-AL SNP-150F-AL SNP-150DC-AL SNP-150DP-AL
2″ SNP-200A-AL SNP-200B-AL SNP-200C-AL SNP-200D-AL SNP-200E-AL SNP-200F-AL SNP-200DC-AL SNP-200DP-AL
2-1/2″ SNP-250A-AL SNP-250B-AL SNP-250C-AL SNP-250D-AL SNP-250E-AL SNP-250F-AL SNP-250DC-AL SNP-250DP-AL
3″ SNP-300A-AL SNP-300B-AL SNP-300C-AL SNP-300D-AL SNP-300E-AL SNP-300F-AL SNP-300DC-AL SNP-300DP-AL
4″ SNP-400A-AL SNP-400B-AL SNP-400C-AL SNP-400D-AL SNP-400E-AL SNP-400F-AL SNP-400DC-AL SNP-400DP-AL
5″ SNP-500A-AL SNP-500B-AL SNP-500C-AL SNP-500D-AL SNP-500E-AL SNP-500F-AL SNP-500DC-AL SNP-500DP-AL
6″ SNP-600A-AL SNP-600B-AL SNP-600C-AL SNP-600D-AL SNP-600E-AL SNP-600F-AL SNP-600DC-AL SNP-600DP-AL
8″ SNP-800A-AL SNP-800B-AL SNP-800C-AL SNP-800D-AL SNP-800E-AL SNP-800F-AL SNP-800DC-AL SNP-800DP-AL

 Sinopulse Hose Factory Co., Ltd. was established at 2001.We have professional production and manufacturing experiences.Our hoses are mainly exported to South America,Italy,United Kingdom,Middle East countries,Africa and Asia countries.We aluminum camlock factory,Our product is the leading factory. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit!


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